Some notes on VLE’s, PLE’s and PLN’s

VLE = Vritual Learning Environment
PLE = Personal Learning Environment
PLN = Personal Learning Network

VLEs – advantages: don’t require high level of technical skill for users; easy to use and access documents.
Disavntages – access can be restrictive (requires log-in), content restricted by teaching structures (eg. modules, courses), limited variety of content types.

PLE – advantages: tailored to individual need and abilities; multiple media types and application types.
Disadvantages: – managing access to content (eg. anyone can see it!); teaching skills to use applicatons; often needs multiple enrolments to different applications.

PLNs – advantages: user contributes to knowledge base and can interact with users with more advanced knowledge.
Disadvantages: exposure to more advanced users can be intimidating; masses of information to be processed.


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