What I am talking about when I talk about what I do

My main skills cluster around design, which I’m going to arbitarily define as the abilities and/or processes to take bunches of disparate stuff and attempt to bind them together into a coherent form, by identifying commonalities between stuffs or by developing structures which stuff can be sensibly fitted into.
It’s the same cognitive processes whether I’m writing assignments, designing print materials, creating websites or trying to co-ordinate my daughter’s clothes (there is an incredible number of shades of pink which don’t match, with each other or with anything else).
I’m interested in the affordances of constructivist pedagogy for multimedia design and the utility of behaviorism in explaining human interaction with technology.
My technical skils include:

  • Coding in HTML4 and CSS;
  • Adobe Illustrator (illustrationa and design);
  • Adobe Photoshop (image manipulation and design), Adobe Dreamweaver (web design and management);
  • Adobe Indesign and QuarkXPress (desktop pulishing);
  • Adobe Premiere (video production).

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