Are you a digital native?

…or a digital comer-inner*? Here’s a link to Marc Prensky’s seminal 2001 article which outlines the difference; however recent work by The Open University suggests that the difference is not so straightforward and digital natives are made, not born.

*I’m a digital fence-sitter myself.


New Sigur Ros stuff

Sigur Ros make music that sounds like how the Icelandic landscape would sound if the Icelandic landscape was music (Sigur Ros are from Iceland). You have probably heard of some of their music if you’ve watched David Attenborough’s Life on Earth series – their song Hoppipolla was used as the theme music, and for a while was used on just about every other BBC ident at the time.
You can hear songs from their new multimedia extravaganza here.

Chronic introvert seeks publicist

Some facts about me:

  • My job involves trying to encourage lecturers to use more technology in their teaching.
  • My 3-year old saw a photo of me when I was younger and thought it was her mum (I had more hair).
  • I like ampersands.
  • I am studying for a master’s degree in multimedia and education to help with the first point.
    • But not because I’m competing with my wife or anything, even though she has more master’s than me.
  • I like the affordances of social networking software for teaching and learning.
  • I would like all educational software to be as polished and easy to use as commercial software (see for instance, Pebblepad vs. Learning Objects’s Campus Pack
  • I’m interested in the experience of e-learning from the student point of view.